About Me

Its a selfie thing.

It’s a selfie thing.

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Sarah and I come from a small town in West Virginia. I am 24 years old and love to write. I am an only child and have one cat named Rambo. I live with my boyfriend of four and half years and have many hobbies. I enjoy swimming, watching movies and television, listening to music, going on drives, camping, fishing, hiking, shopping, hanging out with friends and family, spending time with my man, riding four wheelers, going mudding, just hanging out down by the river, reading, and of course surfing the web. I attended school at my local university for Business Management with a Sociology minor and am currently unemployed. I spend a lot of time on Amazon Mechanical Turk doing online tasks during my current unemployment. I am a beginner at blogging so feel free to leave me comments with tips for improvement and criticism. I am using WordPress to gain some readers and blogs to publish for future examples. I hope to eventually become good enough to get paid for my writing so criticism is only helpful for me, not hurtful. Feel free to add me on Facebook and Instagram  or email me at ssatterfield4151@gmail.com. Enjoy!

The love of my life and I at New River Gorge last summer.

The love of my life and I at New River Gorge last summer



  1. Su Leslie · July 16, 2015

    Thanks for following ZimmerBitch; much appreciated.

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