DP Photo Challenge #2-Close Up; Mud

Close Up

Close Up

When I saw this weeks photo challenge for the Daily Post I thought hm, what should I take a picture of? I rarely take random photography but this really got me on a photo-taking frenzy. I found a photo that I want to share with you and the reasons behind my choice for a close up.


Remember the old saying step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back? I remember walking down the sidewalk as a child with friends jumping to avoid the cracks. It was so fun to try to miss the cracks, but we always wondered if the superstition might possibly come true if we weren’t careful enough. It never really happened of course, but why does the superstition always seem to pertain to sidewalk cracks? There’s many types of cracks in various surroundings that could be stepped upon. For example, the mud in my photo is full of cracks, but does anyone ever mention those? We tend to look over the smallest cracks that create the most possible to be stepped on. Not only does this just pertain to physical cracks on the Earth but also the cracks in our hearts. Perhaps the cracks in your soul from the mistakes you’ve made, cracks from the regrets you have, and cracks from broken relationships and missed friends are the ones we need to look into the most. As a child it is easy to believe something so silly as breaking a back from stepping on a crack, but I think this photo has made me think and find such deeper meaning to that superstition. Please take the time today to think about how to mend some of those cracks on your life emotionally.


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