DP Photo Challenge #2-Close Up; Mud

Close Up

Close Up

When I saw this weeks photo challenge for the Daily Post I thought hm, what should I take a picture of? I rarely take random photography but this really got me on a photo-taking frenzy. I found a photo that I want to share with you and the reasons behind my choice for a close up.


Remember the old saying step on a crack and you’ll break your mother’s back? I remember walking down the sidewalk as a child with friends jumping to avoid the cracks. It was so fun to try to miss the cracks, but we always wondered if the superstition might possibly come true if we weren’t careful enough. It never really happened of course, but why does the superstition always seem to pertain to sidewalk cracks? There’s many types of cracks in various surroundings that could be stepped upon. For example, the mud in my photo is full of cracks, but does anyone ever mention those? We tend to look over the smallest cracks that create the most possible to be stepped on. Not only does this just pertain to physical cracks on the Earth but also the cracks in our hearts. Perhaps the cracks in your soul from the mistakes you’ve made, cracks from the regrets you have, and cracks from broken relationships and missed friends are the ones we need to look into the most. As a child it is easy to believe something so silly as breaking a back from stepping on a crack, but I think this photo has made me think and find such deeper meaning to that superstition. Please take the time today to think about how to mend some of those cracks on your life emotionally.


DP Photo Challenge

Koi Fish

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”


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Daily Post Symbol for Weekly Photo Challenge

Daily Post Symbol for Weekly Photo Challenge – Koi Fish

While searching the web, I found this image of a tattoo. I currently have no tattoos, but I really would like to get something like this! The Koi Fish is a Chinese and Japanese symbol that represents perseverance and courage. In the embedded link, you can read more about this tattoo and its meaning as a symbol. To me, it is a reminder to “just keep swimming” and shows courage to fight hardships and represents perseverance. I hope to one day get this as a tatoo!

Pay It Forward

Such a true post. Wish more people thought like this.



I still vividly remember my first time helping someone. Sure, I remember plenty of Saturdays full of my parents dragging my brother and I to volunteer with the church, but this time was different. This time, it was my own decision to help. It was finally summer and my brother and I had just spent an afternoon at the park. Exhausted and damp from the southern humidity, we headed home for a popsicle. As we began our short walk home, we noticed our widowed, elderly neighbor, Mrs. Haney, weighed down by a heavy load of white, plastic grocery bags. It is an image that is still imprinted in my mind. She walked so slow that she seemed to be bobbing back and forth. I remember looking at her still in her slippers and nightgown and feeling an unfathomable sadness, a feeling I would come to later know as sympathy. I knew…

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Just Keep Moving

I just saw this when trying to find my Facebook friends with a WordPress since I’m a newbie and really enjoyed this post! Had to reblog this one for sure!


I have something on my heart I just have to share. Y’all know I only post on here when I actually have something to say and this time is no different.

I went for my run tonight and started off on a slower pace knowing I was running long distance. As I was jogging and cars went zooming by, I thought about how many people probably thought “dang that girl is going slow”. Maybe no one did, I don’t know. Regardless, I got to thinking about how if someone did think I was running slow, they had no idea how far I actually had to pace myself to go, nor how far I’d already run.

“You have no idea how far I have to go or how far I’ve already gone,” I thought.

Wow. As I kept running I started to think about how that applies to other aspects of life…

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Life as a 90s Kid & The Fads of the Decade

World Meets Technology

World Meets Technology

Can you remember when beanie babies and those knee-high socks were all the rage? If you are anything like me, you grew up with trends like these. If you did not grow up in this decade, then perhaps your parents did and have told you a little about it. Its even possible you were an adult at this time. Regardless, some of the fads were so popular that they should never be forgotten, and known to others who did not experience life in the 90s. I have compiled a list of the fads I believe had the biggest impact during my childhood.

90s kid for life

90s kid for life

1. Boy Bands

Hanson, boy band of the 90s

Hanson, boy band of the 90s

Whether it was Nick Lachey, Nick Carter, or Lance Bass almost every girl in the 90s had a mad crush on a boy band member. I remember having my bedroom walls plastered with boy band posters as a child and always discussed how amazing it would be to marry one of them with my friends. The songs were groovy and had a serious pop vibe allowing you to dance away through the night. I remember singing along to lyrics to songs like “Every Other Time” and  “Story of a Girl.” Some of the boy bands I used to rave over were Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, N’Sync, LFO, and Blink 182. Bands including both genders like A*Teens were also very popular.

2. Beanie Babies

These are the original nine beanie babies. They were a huge fad in the 90s.

These are the original nine beanie babies. They were a huge fad in the 90s.

Beanie babies were a huge hit in the 90s. It all began with nine  original small, stuffed collectibles.  The  animals filled with beans became popular very quickly. Many different beanie babies were created and sold like wildfire. The demand was higher than the production rate. Soon they became very valuable and many rare products were sought. The TY collection tag was the signature mark of the beanie babies. EBay is still loaded with these items for sale and some are quite pricey if rare enough. The popularity grew quickly, but many began losing interest. The time they were available in stores they were very popular. McDonald’s even created a smaller version available in happy meals as a promotion that can still be purchased on eBay. Everyone collected beanie babies and some still have those little creatures stuffed away in an attic box.

3. Big Mouth Billy Bass

This singing fish was very popular during the 90s.

This singing fish was very popular during the 90s.

Beginning in the 1980s and ending in the early 2000s, this trend swept the nation by storm. Who would have ever imagined a talking fish would be so popular? Everyone had one in their home and it was even featured in TV shows and movies such as the Sopranos on HBO. This fish on a plaque sang various songs. The original fish shown aboveabove started the trend, but many variations arose by end of the decade. I remember thinking these were so cool. You can still buy them today online, or maybe even your local thrift store. Purchase your own today at Amazon.

4. Furby


Furby “a mind of its own”

In 1998, Tiger Electronics introduced the hottest toy of the year. The invention of the original Furby led to a nationwide craze. The company began with a variety of originals and sold 1.4 million during the first holiday season after its release. Many collectors seek this item, but the value depends on a few things. The condition, rarity, and type make a big difference in the value. To find a wide selection to select from, I have found that eBay appears as if it is the best place to search. These small furry electronic creatures had many abilities. They can play games, communicate with people and other Furbees, perform tasks, react to various situations, and even learn English. They begin by speaking Furbbish but learn English with hours of playtime. Tiger Electronics created many variations from the original Furby and some new types are still popular today. However, vintage ones are the best from the collector’s eye and as a 90s kid, I will never find a better one than the original. The invention led to the beginning of electronic toys becoming capable of more actions than any past toy. I can remember having friends sleep over and staying up long hours to play with these toys and allow them to interact with each other. In my opinion, this was one of the best fads of the decade and led to a whole new era for toy capabilities.

5. Shania Twain

Shania Twain, changed the country music indusrry dramatically in the 90s

Shania Twain, changed the country music industry dramatically in the 90s

Shania Twain was one of the most popular music artists in the 90s and still has a large fan base to this day. Shania Twain’s website is still up and running. It is updated with her newest tour dates and news. I would love to see her make a huge come back and start appearing more in the media after an eleven year break. She stated this will also be her last tour but she plans to go out with a bang. Although she has spent some time out of the eye of the media, she has not lost her talent. Videos from her latest tour still show the same flawless Shania Twain we all know and love. I remember being a child singing along to her songs on a daily basis. She was my inspiration and role model. I always dreamed of having such amazing talent. She was a revolutionary in the country music industry. Her pop style with country roots were a craze among many Americans and Canadians in the 90s. She took the world by storm with song titles like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” “Honey I’m Home,” “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” and “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under.” Shania Twain had a rough time growing up and deserves all the fame she has received plus more. If interested in learning more about her life, you can learn all about Shania Twain from Biography.com.  If I would have left her off this page, I would have felt like my article was incomplete. It is likely I will post an article in the future with Shania as my main topic because I am so passionate about her and her music.

6. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, popular stars of the nineties

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, popular stars of the nineties

How could I post an article about the 90s and forget to mention the two most famous pop stars of the decade? Aside from the one and only Spice Girls of course! With songs like “Crazy” and “Dirrty,” it was impossible not to dance and sing along to their music. Both girls were in the Mickey Mouse Club as children, and knew each other from the beginning of their careers. For latest updates on Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera check out their official websites. They are always working on new developments to this day. I used to love these two, but they have changed immensely and I no longer listen to their music. The style has changed and the groovy 90s pop tunes from them that we know and love will never be forgotten as their original music. However, they still have a huge fan base and have created new tunes that are more modern in the pop world.

7. Tamagotchis/Gigapets

Tamagotchi/Gigapets were all the rage from 96-98.

Tamagotchi/Gigapets were all the rage from 96-98.

Today, kids are always on their phones or iPads. Before the time for this new technology when I was growing up, handheld electronic pets were all the rave. These devices basically enabled you to have a virtual pet that played, ate, slept, and let’s not forget, pooped. They pooped and pooped, sometimes more than anything else. If your gigapet was anything like mine, it died. No matter how hard you tried to keep your little buddy safe and healthy, it would always die for seemingly no reason. Regardless of the imminent death, gigapets were a clean and fun way to waste time. Well, mostly clean, besides that all that virtual poop that occurred a lot. The original gigapet released in 1996 and quickly became popular among children of all ages. However schools did not like the gadgets because students tended to play on their devices rather than pay attention in class and many schools put a ban on them. Children were also becoming emotionally strained due to the seemingly imminent death. Both the bans and emotional challenges Today, Tamagotchi has released a recent update called Tamagotchi Friends. This new gigapet is original in ways, yet has many new abilities and features. I have not checked it out yet, but I cannot imagine any new release beating the original I had as a child.

8. Grunge of the 90s

Example of Grunge

Example of Grunge

  For those of you who can accurately remember this time period, when it comes to style a few things were rocking back in the day. One of the popular styles includes grunge. I can remember all the many styles, don’t forget the “Rachel”  haircut from “Friends,” but grunge was one of my personal favorites. I have located a Pinterest board that has many examples of the Grunge style. Many things compose a grunge style. Beachy waves in hair, oversized plaid shirts, holes in clothing, band shirts, tattoos, love for Nirvana, piercings, coats ties around waist, lots of jewelry, hip clothing, high wasted pants and shorts, biker boots, crop tops, overalls, ripped jeans and tights, A-skirts, tye dye, beanies, minimal makeup, combat boots, and hair dye all are parts of this style. Alternative music, VHS tapes, and of course skateboards all have a grunge depiction when I imagine them also. I found a very interesting guide, for those of you who are unaware of a grunge description, that discuss the four key steps to being a grunge girl. It also describes the attitude for one who considers themselves grunge stereotypically as a step.

9. Nickelodeon television shows

The 90's are All That was part of TeenNick in 2013 featuring many shows from the 90s airing late at night.

The 90’s are All That was part of TeenNick in 2013 featuring many shows from the 90s airing late at night.

If you watched television in the nineties, especially cartoons, it is likely Nickelodeon was one of your most watched channels. I know personally I had so many favorite shows the nineties. You can look them up for yourselves, but I will discuss some of my favorites. I would have to say Hey! Arnold was my absolute favorite Nickelodeon show. However, The 100 Deeds of Eddie McDowell and Doug are near the top as well. Many others such as Caitlin’s Way, Rugrats, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life, The Wild Thornberrys, The Angry Beavers, All That, The Amanda Show, Legend of the Hidden Temple, Figure It Out, Double Dare, Ah! Real Monsters, Nick GUTS, Think Fast, You’re On, What Would You Do, etc. were also very great shows. I could go on and on about my favorite shows from the 90s. Not only Nickelodeon shows, but many other channels produced excellent shows as well. I liked Arthur, Reading Rainbow, The Magic School Bus, Friends, Sex and The City, MTV (when it actually played music), 7th Heaven, and Gilmore Girls exceptionally well too. While browsing the web about the 90s, I discovered a video on YouTube that I thought fit very well as a compilation of some of the best nineties shows from all channels.

I could go on and on about my love for the nineties but I think I wrote enough for this round. Expect to see more articles from me in the future with more details about some of the topics I’ve covered and other fads from the nineties not mentioned in this article. Since the years I am discussing are the 90s decade, I thought ending with nine main fads would be a good stopping point. This is my first blogging experience, so I hope I did not bore you. Feel free to get to know me with my about me page. If you enjoy the topics I do, keep checking back for future blogs! I promise there is so much more to come that you do not want to miss! Thanks yo 🙂

90s computer game that automatically was included on the desktop of a computer in the past

90s computer game that automatically was included on the desktop of a computer in the past